Friday, July 16, 2021

2021 Graduates from the Center for Biostatistical Programming

Congratulations to our new class graduates who have completed their SAS Certification through the Center for Biostatistical Programming at Kharkiv National University!

What is the Center for Biostatistical Programming?

The Center for Biostatistical Programming is a certification program launched by Intego Clinical in 2013 and has become a foundational platform for many professionals who have since gone onto rewarding careers working in the Pharma Industry.

Intego Clinical provides a number of skilled mentors to work with the students in order to provide guidance, wisdom and bridge the gap between textbook and real life on-the-job applications.  

This marked the 8th class to graduate and was our first fully-online program.  The majority of the 23 students who graduated met each other for the first time at the event.  

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SAS certifications were handed out to each student and each of the mentors involved were awarded recognition for their hard work and involvement in the program.

The graduation included guests speakers from leading Pharma and Tech companies across the globe, who gave sound advice to the graduates on how to navigate a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  

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Next Steps

Students who completed the program now move on to a 3 month paid internship program with Intego Clinical followed by further employment. 

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