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Intego Group is a global technology consulting company providing high-end services in software engineering, clinical research, and data science. The collective technical capabilities of our three subsidiaries allow us to effectively collaborate with our clients, building long-term partnerships based on a commitment to quality and a culture of engineering excellence.

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The company's strategy is to achieve true global reach by serving our clients across various time zones to facilitate effective communication. We’ve deliberately expanded our development centers worldwide, establishing long-term partnerships with leading universities across the globe.

Orlando is one of the fastest-growing tech markets in the US, and it has remained a cost-effective location compared to other tech hubs in the country. On top of these advantages, our commitment to the region relies on a portfolio of sponsored internship programs provided to students of the second-largest educational institution in the United States, the University of Central Florida.

Kyiv and Kharkiv stand as Ukraine's two most prominent cities, collectively encompassing more than 65% of the IT professionals within the country. With esteemed universities and research facilities situated in both Kyiv and Kharkiv, the Intego offices offer a gateway to the largest pool of software engineers, STEM students, and IT consultants in Eastern Europe.

Costa Rica remains the top destination for IT services in LATAM region, boasting a substantial and skilled talent pool. Our office is situated in San Jose, which is recognized as the Silicon Valley of Latin America, hosting over 300 multinational companies operating under the free trade zone regime.

Poland’s central location on the European map makes it a strategic hub between East and West, accommodating Intego’s global ecosystem of development centers. With over 300,000 IT professionals on the market (85,000 in Warsaw alone), Poland consistently ranks as one of the top destinations for the world’s best programmers.

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