Friday, May 26, 2017

3 Reasons Culture is Important in Offshore Staffing

When I think of brands like Google, Harley Davidson, Apple, Android, Virgin, I always think of the culture that thrives inside and out of their corporate offices.

Culture can easily be overlooked by focusing only on the tasks and forgetting that people matter.

Richard Branson

“There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.” – Richard Branson

We’re an offshore staffing company with development centers in Ukraine.  Businesses who look to offshore often think of two things:  Finding resources and saving money.  While the culture of an offshore staffing company is not at the top of a company’s list, it should be.

What Does Culture in Offshore Staffing Do?

Attracts top talent

Top Engineers and Programmers want to work for companies with great culture.  This mindset doesn’t just exist in places like Silicone Valley, it’s a desire for professionals across the globe.

Intego Group has niched itself into a HR centric people-focused business.  There are a number of project-based outsourcing companies that will sell you on their ability to help you get your project done.  Our clients are already equipped to get the project done, they simply need reliable and talented resources and an environment that provides employee stability and fantastic communication.

Creates a Thriving Environment

People who enjoy going to work, get more work done.  Less stress and an enjoyable atmosphere drive innovation and productivity.

Intego Group’s HR management team is constantly providing opportunities for our client’s engineers and programmers to connect during non-work hours.  From team building exercises, Coding-challenges, entertainment, and more, the HR staff at Intego Group are continuously creating a culture where people work together and do life together.

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Prevents Turnover

When you enjoy where you work, you’re less likely to leave.  This is seen in our company’s incredible 10 year streak of maintaining a 96% retention rate with our client’s engineers and programmers.

We understand that turnover is one of the most common realities in outsourcing.  When turnover happens, project timelines are disrupted and clients are the ones who suffer.  That’s not ok.  This is why we are proud of our retention rates, and why our clients love us.


“It doesn’t feel like Intego Group team is outside of the US. To me, it feels like they are just on the East Coast of the States, while I’m on the West Coast. Daily communications, strong technical expertise, transparency in management; those are just a few things that make me feel comfortable in dealing with Intego Group. To me, there is no line where my team in the US ends and my team in Ukraine begins.” – Engagement Manager, Global Provider of Professional Resourcing Services

“We have chosen Intego Group as a strategic outsourcing partner based on highly positive references and flexibility of their engagement model. They built us multiple teams of highly professional software developers who helped deliver a number of critically important projects onto the market. Choosing Intego Group, in my opinion, was one of the best strategic decisions we made last year.” – PMO Manager, Leading Digital Imaging Software Company

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