Friday, July 13, 2018

Developing Successful Senior SAS Programmers

Since the beginning in 2013, Intego Group’s Center for Biostatistical Programming has successfully graduated 74 students.  

Statistical Programmers find Success at Intego Group

Out of the graduating classes, 70% of the students have gone on to begin careers at Intego Group working as statistical programmers for pharmaceutical companies.

Since joining Intego Group many of the Statistical Programmers have won numerous presentation awards at conferences such as PharmaSUG and PhUSE, and as of today, over 90% of the students that joined the company are still with us and many have gone on to become Senior SAS programmers.

2018 Graduating Class 

Last week another round of students successfully graduated and achieved excellent scores on their SAS Certification Exam:

Highest score – 100%

Over 90% – 5 students

Over 85% – 10 students

Lowest score – 79%

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