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Hard Work Pays off as Office Mangers are Promoted to HR Management

They both started in administrative fields.  One in Medical, the other in Consulting.  They both started around 4 years ago at Intego Group, hired on as Office Managers, one at our Development Center in Kyiv, the other in Kharkiv.  The Office Manager positions are important to the heart beat and flow of our culture, and both Katya and Marina took ownership of their positions and brought energy and brilliance to their roles.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

Our People are at the Center of Everything

People are at the center of everything we do at Intego Group.  Their talents are valued, their successes are celebrated and their unique characteristics are what separate us from others in our industry.

Katya and Marina came in day one, ready to rock, and they never looked back.  We are always looking to help those that walk through our door to advance in their careers, giving them opportunities to learn and take on new and challenging roles.  We love seeing people become the best version of themselves.

“Intego Group equally values both men and women. It can be seen in the examples of successful leadership and mentoring” – Marina

“Everyone here cares about each other – if you need some help with your work or in your personal life, people are always ready to help, offer advice or give you the contacts you need” – Katya


Today, after 4 years of excellence, we celebrate the promotion of Katya and Marina to HR Management!

In wanting to share their promotion publicly, I sat down with both of them to talk about their experiences with Intego Group and what they’re looking forward to in their new role.

How would you Describe the Company Culture at Intego?

Katya:  I remember how I was pleasantly surprised in the first month of my work at Intego. Everyone here cares about each other – if you need some help with your work or in your personal life, people are always ready to help, offer advice or give you the contacts you need. This is a great place to learn and grow. Our employees are talented, dedicated and ambitious. It is thanks to them I learned what it means to be a part of such wonderful team.

Marina:  We have a well-developed leadership system, that is, regardless of your position – whether you are intern or senior – from the first day you find yourself under the clear, audible guidance of super-professionals.  If there is an issue for clarifying, the company always finds a solution that would be as comfortable as possible for all participants. Intego Group equally values both men and women. It can be seen in the examples of successful leadership and mentoring.

Was Becoming an HR Manager Your Goal when You First Started? 

Katya:  Becoming an HR Manager wasn’t my goal when I first started. But thanks to Tatyana I realized that I really wanted to become an HR Manager. She showed me a great example, she taught me a lot of HR things (what motivates employees and how to identify the training and development needs of employees) and I’m sincerely grateful to her.

Marina:  No, I just wanted to become a part of Intego Group. Working in HR/becoming an HR manager – It’s more than just Liking People, these are opportunities to make people’s working lives better. As a result you have to play different roles.  I have a wonderful role model – Tatyana – our HR Director, who guided me on my way in the HR sphere and Viktoria – our Branch Manager, who contributed to my professional growth.

What Part of Your New Job Position are You Most Excited About?

Katya:  The most exciting part of my new job position is communication with colleagues. I am really fond of it. All of them are so different and it helps me to understand them better – to study psychology of human behavior.  I think now I have a chance to help people, make them happier. And happy people are the best kind of people! 

Marina:  Well, this role is not entirely new to me because I’ve been working in many ways as an HR Assistant before my promotion to HR Manager. I like organizing holidays for colleagues and their leisure in the office, love to be helpful and I like being a point of contact between our people and the company; it’s cool when people know that their needs will be heard and taken into account.

What has been Your Favorite Memory so Far, Working at Intego

Katya:  I’ve enjoyed the Intego New Year Parties. All of them!!! They are so exciting and different. And we always have a lot of fun there. Such activities bring people together and make them friendly.

Marina:  There are a lot of them actually!  E.g. a lot of effort and time was spent on organizing a corporate picnic this summer, and at the end of it, many colleagues came up and said that the holiday turned out to be very cool, flood of positive emotions!  It’s always my pleasure to see their happy faces!


We are incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication that both Katya and Marina have given us and we are excited to have them both in the roles they have worked incredibly hard for and deserve.  Please join us in congratulating them both!

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