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Industry Best Retention Rates in Offshore Outsourcing

At the end of last year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  As I reflected on our past, I looked at 3 key things our company has done well that has contributed to the ongoing success of what we do.  I’ve decided to break this up into a 3 part series where I shine a light on each point.

The first, and one that I am always proud to brag on, is our employee retention rates.

Companies who have leveraged offshore developers, see the value through many different lenses.  At times, those values can be clouded by negative circumstances.  One of the top problems existing today in hiring offshore engineers are the problematic turnover rates that leave companies with holes to fill and disrupted project timelines to manage.

India’s Turnover Rates

Take India for example.  Some companies have rejected the idea of outsourcing simply because of their experience in India.  Turnover rates in India average at 40%.  Hiring a team?  That’s nearly half of your workforce.  No matter how fast you can replace them, there’s going to be a disruption in your timelines for restaffing and ramping on knowledge.

Can you guess what our turnover rates are in Ukraine? 

Company wide, over the last 10 years, we have maintained only a 4% turnover rate!  This stat alone has helped us change the expectation of offshore development with our clients.  They absolutely love the 96% retention we maintain.  It also speaks mountains on how our offices are managed and how well engineers love working for us.  It’s not unheard of, that when a client completes their project and doesn’t have work moving forward, that other clients are open to hiring them.

To celebrate the first valued point, I decided to interview one of our clients longest standing engineers.

Meet Konstantin – Hired 2008

When you were first hired, what was your position?

I was hired as a senior web developer as a replacement for a developer who (coincidentally) was emigrating to the US.

What is your position now?

Depending on a project I am assigned to, I can be either senior web developer or a Team Lead. Currently I am leading a team of 3 developers.

Which of our clients hired you? 

I was initially hired by ACD Systems.

Do you still work for the same client?

No. I have worked for 3 clients at Intego: ACD Systems, Lightmaker Amsterdam and Diamond Resorts International

If you still work for the same client, how big was the team that you joined?  How big is it now?

Maybe not relevant, but with current client (Diamond Resorts International) we started with the team of 2 developers in 2012. At the moment there are 25 developers and QAs on the account and a bunch of open positions.

What type of projects have you worked on?

The most interesting for me was ACDSee Online project for ACD Systems. It was about building an online photo sharing portal as a competitor to Flickr. That was that type of project where you constantly learn something new, you love what you do and sometimes solutions to a tricky issues literally come to your mind when you sleep.

After that, with Lightmaker we were building a referral portal called SiteTalk. Again, it was a project with lots of challenges and valuable experience.

Finally, about 4 and a half years ago Intego came to me with a very interesting offer to work for an enterprise company – Diamond Resorts International. I can’t talk a lot about the project I currently work on, but globally – it’s a big, sophisticated solution for resorts management. A challenging project where in addition to development, I was finally able to use my project management education in a team leader role.

What type of skills did you learn or improve on since coming to work at Intego?

8.5 years is a lot and it’s 2/3 of my professional career. I significantly improved my skills in building high load portals. I learned many cutting edge technologies and continue to constantly improve my experience in front end development. Finally, with invaluable help from Intego Group and particularly with guidance and good practical advises from Sergii Glushakov as a managing director of Intego Group, I was able to get an education in Project Management that helps me not only in my professional career but in personal life as well.

What are some of the things that Intego did to help you become a better engineer and leader?

In addition to said above, it’s the team and company’s atmosphere. We are all different and I got priceless experience from interaction with team members. We’ve had everything: collaboration, support, conflicts and their mitigation. And on top of that – Intego’s financing of participation in international developers conferences helped to boost career even quicker.

What is one of your most memorable moments at Intego?

This is easy. 10 years’ celebration for sure. Seeing all the people I have been working with during 8 years and great atmosphere of the party accompanied with legendary bands – that was amazing.

What do you think clients love about Intego?

Responsibility: this is probably the most noticeable feature of Ukrainian mentality, and the key trait of Intego and management office’s merit – is low staff turnover that helps keeping quality of deliverables on a high level.

What are some of your goals for the future?

I have recently accomplished one of my life-changing goals and emigrated to a country that I wanted to live in: Canada. So far I don’t have anything else that big to pursue, but I do have smaller goals, like learning French and, who knows, maybe open new Intego’s office in Montreal.

What do you love about Intego?

Honesty and transparency. I can always come with my concerns and suggestions and I am sure that I will get valuable advice. This is the main reason I am still with Intego.

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