Friday, June 10, 2022

Intego Clinical Welcomes New Group of Interns from UCF

In May, Intego Clinical welcomed a new group of interns to our Orlando office through our UCF Internship Program.  In 2019 Intego Clinical’s office in Central Florida, partnered with the Department of Statistics and Data Science at University of Central Florida, the largest university in the USA, to provide an internship program for students interested in pursuing a career in the Clinical Research Industry.

In a Nutshell

Biostatistics integrates the medical field with math, statistics, and life science to drive clinical research and new drug development. In our internship program, students explore modern statistical and programming tools used for analyzing clinical trial data in order to:

  • Jumpstart a successful career in data science
  • Gain an understanding of statistical methods for clinical trial analysis
  • Learn pharmaceutical industry aims and standards
  • Perform statistical analysis of clinical data using data analytics software
  • Improve communication, presentation and collaboration skills (All musts for success in the world of data science!)

What is Intego Clinical

Intego Clinical is a biometrics Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that was established in 2013 through our parent company, Intego Group. With its strong presence in Eastern Europe, Intego Clinical experienced consistent growth in the Clinical Research Industry each year that only accelerated after COVID-19.  

To ensure a successful outcome for our pharmaceutical clients we created a portfolio of training programs.  These programs awarded students with consistent advancement in their careers while giving us the road map to expand our success beyond Eastern Europe and into other markets such as Central Florida, where our corporate headquarters is located.

Providing students with a rewarding career through direct industry leadership and exposure to skill sets in theory, practice methods and applications of biostatistics has become our mission.

Benefits in Pursuing a Career in the Clinical Research Industry

The clinical research industry is a fast-growing field that uses innovative data science and biostatistics to help save lives.  The industry has seen massive increases in investments, especially after COVID.  With these investments as well as our university and client partnerships, students can quickly advance and receive immediate training that will help accelerate their careers both skillfully and financially. 

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