Monday, October 23, 2023

Intego Group at Talent Days in Warsaw: Nurturing a New Era of Tech Talent

Intego Group recently marked its first participation in Talent Days, a leading job fair in Poland. This event is a hub for ambitious students and graduates to meet and engage with top tech companies.

At Talent Days, we showcased our commitment to innovation and the future of technology. Our team presented the latest tech projects and engaged with Poland’s emerging tech talents. Through our interactive workshops, the Intego Group team shared valuable insights and discovered what the new generation seeks in their tech careers.

Our experience at Talent Days has fueled our enthusiasm for similar events in the future. Intego Group looks forward to connecting with young talent and forming new partnerships. In our pursuit of fostering the future of tech talent, Intego Group eagerly awaits the next chapter at Talent Days and beyond.

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