Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Intego Group Opens New Office in Kharkiv with 3x the Space

After years of steady growth in our remote workforce solutions, we’re excited to announce our new office building in Kharkiv, Ukraine!  COVID-19 threw our announcement for a spin, but the time allowed us to focus even more on preparing the building for when our employees come back.

Our goal with the new office was to find a location that was more accommodating to our client’s teams as well as space for holding some of the classes for our SAS University Program, and various special trainings for our employees. 

The new office is 3x the size of our last office and can withstand the growth we expect to see over the next several years.  

The office features 15 state-of-the-art conference rooms featuring an online booking system for ease of use, lecture room, gym, showers and a large kitchen and cafeteria area.  

Take a look inside Intego Group’s New Office 

Like much of the world, working from the office is currently optional, however we are leveraging our Remote Delivery Model to maintain strong communication and productivity during these times.   

To learn more about Intego Group’s Remote Delivery Model contact one of our solution experts to schedule an appointment.

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