Thursday, November 30, 2023

Intego’s New Office in Kharkiv, Ukraine 

A Fresh Start  

In October 2023, Intego Group is excited to open the doors to our new home in the historic center of Kharkiv. It’s more than just an office; it’s a reflection of who we are—resilient, innovative, and always looking ahead. Our move to this new spot goes beyond getting a new address. It’s a purposeful shift to a space designed for adaptability and innovations, with all security, business continuity and safety measures required for our employees in Kharkiv region to perform project work. 

Located in a top-tier A-class business center right next to the subway for easy access, our office is the place where our team comes together to shape the future of technology and maintain our high standards, no matter the challenges ahead. 

Comfort in Every Corner 

Every detail of our new workspace is thoughtfully chosen. We’ve equipped our office with ergonomic workstations and designed spaces for teamwork and relaxation that promote our team’s comfort. It’s a place that feels like a tight-knit community, inspiring everyone to contribute their best. 

Resilience in Adversity  

Intego Group’s new office is also ready to face today’s wartime challenges. We’ve fortified it with thorough safety features, offering our team security and ensuring our work goes on without interruption. 

  • Safety of our team is #1 priority 

The core of our preparedness lies within our integrated bomb shelter, providing a fully functional hub beneath the office. It’s a safe space that even in the most challenging times we are through now ensures our work and our spirit remain unshaken. 

  • Robust Infrastructure 

We’ve also fortified our infrastructure with power generators, additional internet connections, and the Starlink system. These installations ensure that no external force can disrupt the productivity of our team. 

Connectivity and Security 

We understand that Intego team’s well-being is the cornerstone of our achievements. With our primary office located in the historic downtown of Kyiv, Ukraine, and new office in Kharkiv, both locations ensure the safety of our team and the seamless continuity of our operations in the region. By blending cutting-edge technology with a supportive environment, we’re fostering a culture that not only safeguards innovation but also ensures it flows freely and effectively. 

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