Monday, May 8, 2017

Key Presenters at PharmaSUG 2017

On May 14th, PharmaSUG 2017 will kick off in Baltimore, Maryland with a line up of speakers that include 4 people from Intego Group.  The event will last till the 17th

In the past 2 years at PharmaSUG, Statistical Programmers that are remotely staffed through Intego Group, in Ukraine, have won awards for their presentations and papers.  This year a new set of topics are on the docket, included a much anticipated approach derived from the strategic partnership between Intego Group and Experis.

4 years ago, Intego Group – and partners – developed a Biostatistical Program that launched at Kharkiv National University.  The program was designed to bring real world biostatistical education into the university and make it available for any student in their Masters program.  Since it’s launch, all of the top ranking students in the class have been given internships with an Industry leading Global Pharmaceutical Client.  Interns have since thrived in their roles including some being invited to speak at PharmSUG 2016

Topology-based Clinical Data Mining for Discovery of Hidden Patterns in Multidimensional Data

As a leader in Remote Staffing in Ukraine, Intego Group continues to grow through their customizable approach.  Always looking for ways to bring innovation and value to their partners, Intego Group recognized an opportunity to invest in scientific research in clinical data mining for hidden patterns in multidimensional data.  The efforts being made in this area are being presented by the following key people:

Sergey Glushakov. Intego Group.

Irina Kotenko. Intego Group/Experis Clinical Lead.

Andrey Rekalo. Intego Group, Senior Data Scientist.

Same statistical method different results? Don’t panic the reason might be obvious

Along with her joint presentation with Sergey Glushakov and Andrey Rekalo, Irina Kotenko will be giving a separate presentation on unequal results derived while performing QC checks or verification analysis using different statistical packages for the same statistical method.  The aim of this presentation is to bring an awareness to the auditory about known inconsistency in computational methods in commonly used analytics tools: SAS, Python, R, and SPSS. This will Irina’s 3rd year presenting at the PharmaSUG conference

Sergey Voevutsky. Intego Group/Experis Clinical.

Expansion of Opportunities in Programming: DS2 Features and Examples of Usage Object Oriented Programming in SAS

In a separate presentation, Sergey Voevutsky will be speaking on DS2, a SAS programming language that allows users to process data in a way that could not be done before in the traditional DATA step.  His demonstration will show how to modify the traditional DATA step with using DS2 to resolve different issues and how object-oriented programming can be used in statistical programming.

Dmytro Hasan. Intego Group/Experis Clinical.

My Bag of SAS Lifehacks

The 4th anticipated presentation by a remotely staffed programmer out of Intego Group, comes from Dmytro Hasan, with Experis.  His presentation will address common issues many face with knowing the message another programmer wants to convey in their code lines.  He will address the issue as well as share his remarks that he finds most interesting.

He will show how to draw the readers attention to two functions, namely ifn() and input() and how they handle missing values, and how byte() allows to make the output more refined. Moreover, he will outline the utility of -rcl options of put(), and he will demonstrate how to make a musical notification for data issues, compilation errors, and the end of compiling with sound.

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