Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Leaders from Intego Clinical Speak at PHUSE EU Connect 2021

PHUSE EU Connect 2021 took place as a hybrid event on November 15-19th.  Attendees were able to join virtually as well as in-person in London, UK.  The Connect event creates a space for global professionals from across the industry to unite, explore and train through its trademark inspirational content and networking opportunities.

Intego Clinical was proud to be a participant in the event with two of our Statistical Programmers presenting virtually.

Presentation: How has the immunotherapy era changed response criteria

Abstract: Immune-checkpoint inhibitors represent one of the most important therapy advancements in modern oncology.

Promising results of recent studies suggest that their application will further grow in the near future.

From the analyses perspective, a challenging aspect of these immunotherapies is that they may show atypical therapy responses. One of the most alarming features is the potential for an increase in tumor size, also known as pseudoprogression, before shrinkage. This phenomenon has led to the development of immune-specific related response criteria iRECIST (immunotherapy RECIST) that allow continue treatment beyond progression.

Presentation: PROC MIXED: Complicated Procedure in Simple Words

Abstract: It is not always easy for beginners and experienced statistical programmers to perform analysis which requires using different models. It is the challenge ahead to walk that road smoothly and the intention of this article is to help you do this.

At first, you will learn the fundamentals of PROC MIXED procedure such as syntax, types of effects, covariance structures and basic statistics it computes. Next, we’ll go through practical examples of conducting efficacy analysis of continuous outcomes to demonstrate the mixed-model capabilities. The implementation details for calculation of statistics will be provided based on real conducted analysis. After reading this article, the programmer will be able to solve a wide range of tasks related to construction of mixed models.

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