Friday, February 24, 2017

Math and Science Drive Growth in Outsourcing Services

In my last blog, I hit on the first of 3 points that has contributed to Intego Group’s ongoing corporate success.  In the blog, I spoke about our Industry best retention rates in offshore outsourcing.

The 2nd point that has contributed to our high client satisfaction, is the level of education in both Ukraine and in the Engineers/Programmers we hire.

The two areas of education that Ukraine is most widely known for is Mathematics and Science.  These two areas have separated Ukraine from other outsourcing regions, including India.  The biggest difference comes in our client’s experience to this part of the world, where their opinion of outsourcing changes after witnessing the quality of engineers and their work.

How Does Mathematics Contribute to Better Outsourcing?

Math is less about numbers and more about creative problem solving and theory building.  As a mathematician, your task is to develop a solution to the problem presented in front of you.  Therefore, any practice that requires problem solving skills, a mathematician will be better at handling it.  Their mind is trained to evaluate, break apart the problem, evaluate solutions, and get to the answer.

How Does Science Contribute to Better Outsourcing?

In science, scientists conduct research using the scientific method to collect measurable, empirical evidence in an experiment related to a hypothesis, the result aiming to support or contradict a theory.  The scientific method is a formalization of critical thinking.

Simply put, because of the high focus on Science and Math in Ukraine’s education system, professional engineers/programmers provide our clients with incredible problem solving and critical thinking skills.  This translates to a higher efficiency in development and the ability to recognize problems ahead of time and prevent countless hours wasted heading in the wrong direction.

Ukraine’s Engineers/Programmers are not afraid to speak up when a problem is recognized.  and they are eager to present a solution to the problem.  Because we encourage this in our corporate atmosphere, we have saved our clients countless hours of wasted programming and have often over achieved in project deadlines.

A Client of Intego Group Shares their Experience:

“When it comes to delivering projects on time, on budget and with high quality – this is the comfort zone for the Intego Group engineers. They are hungry for innovative ideas and eager to improve efficiency of any piece of code they produce. I know that if they promise, they will deliver.”

Intego Group offshore staffing model breaks down roughly to 80% of the Engineers/Programmers we hire for clients having a Masters and 10% having a Ph.D.  (From 2016-2017 our number of Engineers hired with a Masters increased from 70% to 80% with the growth of our Biostatistical University Program and hiring Statistical Engineers)  Our goal as a company is to foster an environment that encourages efficiency and results.  In the end, when our clients benefit, so do we.

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