Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Outsourcing to Ukraine and India Provides Businesses a Swing Shift

Businesses who leverage global staffing companies to reduce costs and achieve results at a fast pace understand the value of global talent

Along with a reduced cost, Global staffing offers businesses access to a larger pool of top qualified candidates, it also offers businesses the opportunity to keep work flowing around the clock

The Swing Shift

Time in India is 9.5 hours ahead of EST, and Ukraine is 7 hours ahead.

One of our clients who operate on Eastern Standard Time have engineers in both India and Ukraine.  The company is able to achieve 24/7 coverage more easily as well as achieve easier handoffs between teams, giving them better synergy across time zones.

In many ways, Ukrainian Engineers are a perfect facilitator of both software development and team communication.  As a country that prides itself on problem solving and critical thinking, many of the challenges teams face can be resolved before US based teams arrive to work.

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