Thursday, November 24, 2022

PHUSE EU Connect 2022 Conference in Belfast

PHUSE EU Connect creates a space for global professionals from across the clinical data science industry to unite, explore and train through its trademark inspirational content and networking opportunities.

We’d like to thank PHUSE for putting on another incredible event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and to our team in Ukraine for your tremendous support. Our time at the conference was met with many positive meetings and conversations! It was great to see everyone face-to-face during the first in-person event after COVID.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at PHUSE US Connect Conference in March 2023 in our hometown of Orlando!

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“The Trimmed Mean Approach was first introduced by Permutt and Li in 2017 and generally deals with patient dropouts in clinical trials.

During the 2022 PHUSE EU Connect in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Kateryna Fedoryshyna, delivered her presentation, “Trimmed Mean Analysis is Not Rocket Science” to a group of attendees of the conference, the first in-person event PHUSE has held in Europe since the 2020 pandemic.

Kateryna, a Lead Statistical Programmer/Analyst out of Intego Clinical’s Orlando office, aimed to provide the information of the step-by-step algorithm for a trimmed mean approach to show that once the task is divided into small steps, you clearly see how the specific analysis described in SAP should be programmed.

When to Follow the Trimmed Mean Approach

While participating in clinical trials patients might have intercurrent events (ICE). There are different strategies described in the ICH E9 addendum that can be used to reflect intercurrent events. When you have a continuous endpoint, it’s not obvious which value one should assign to patients who experienced ICE, which is when you need to follow the Trimmed Means Approach.

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