Tuesday, March 21, 2023

PHUSE US Connect 2023

PHUSE US Connect 2023 took place in Orlando in early March and drew more than 670 attendees from 162 different companies. Intego Clinical was proud to have 5 of our team members speak at the conference, which also featured a number of engaging activities, including a fun golf tournament, which our team participated in.

PHUSE is a global community and platform committed to sharing ideas, tools and standards around data and statistical and reporting technologies to advance the future of life sciences.

Speakers from Intego Group included:

  1. Kostiantyn Drach (Austria) presented “Cluster Analysis vs. Graph-based Machine Learning: The Battle of the Strongest in Pattern Recognition.”
  2. Iryna Kotenko (Ukraine) led an Interactive Leadership Discussion Forum
  3. Oleksandr Babych (Poland) presented “How to Customize Survival Curves in R and Add Interactivity.”
  4. Sergey Glushakov (United States) participated as a member of an industry leadership panel and discussion forum on “Leading with resilience and empathy.”
  5. Monika Ludwinska (Poland) presented “Up to Date with Dates – Imputation Rules in R Compared to SAS.”

Chairman of the event, Michael Rimler, stated “PHUSE US Connect 2023 in Orlando was a roaring success, primarily due to the energy, passion and presence that each attendee brought to the event every day”.

We couldn’t agree more as the success of the event brought an opportunity for us to have a number of great meetings with colleagues at our booth, make meaningful connections sharing ideas in the roundtables, learn from each other through the presentations, and just have fun through the social events such as the TopGolf outing we hosted. Thank you to everyone who came out for TopGolf, it truly was a special evening!

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