Thursday, April 13, 2023

Roads less traveled – many paths to rewarding careers in Clinical Statistical Programming

We find ourselves working on teams together, side-by-side for common goals, but our journeys to that team can be very different from each other. How often do we take the opportunity to learn each other’s stories? There are many paths that have led individuals to our Intego Clinical team. In this series we are honored to share 3 personal stories, one each from the US, Ukraine, and Poland. One came through our Internship program, one through our University training program, and one came to us from another company.

We hope you enjoy this 3-part series of short 2-min stories and perhaps answer questions for yourself as to whether this path is the right one for you!

Part 1 – Jacob
Jacob was a Mathematics teacher who decided he needed a change. Through a Data Science bootcamp at University of Central Florida, he discovered our Clinical Statistics Internship. In this short video, Jacob shares the story of his journey from his passion for mathematics, teaching, and the value he feels he brings in his role at Intego. 

Part 2 – Alex
Alex grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  His curiosity and desire to be able to investigate, understand how things work, and solve problems led him to study Physics in University and later Mathematics. Alex describes the benefits of the Intego University program, how it prepared him for his work as a clinical statistical analyst, and the long-term friendship he still holds with his US mentor.

Part 3 – Monika
Monika is from Warsaw, Poland and was set to follow in her family’s footsteps for her University studies and career path. A talk with her Uncle, however, changed her course; he encouraged her to be different and seek her own path. Monika shares what drives her and how Intego has played a role in supporting her and continuously giving her opportunities to grow.

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