Monday, April 29, 2019

Strengthening Culture and Services Through Off-hour Competitions

This past month Intego Group held an internal competition involving brainstorming and speed programming for a small group of current staff and students from our Bio University Program. The competition was based around the Lifecycle of Oncology Data. 16 Employees and 16 students partook in the program which helped to further develop skills in their field.

Why are these Events Important?

Off-hour competitions give our staff an opportunity to bond as a team as well as provide opportunities to learn and advance outside of client responsibilities. As an outsourcing company, that provides services based on the Staff Aug model, much of our industry is seen as a commodity and not as a valued team player.

We are changing that.

It’s important to us that we create an environment that is conducive to critical thinking, problem solving and effective team collaboration. While our service model gives full technical control to our clients, we believe it is our responsibility to create a corporate environment where our client’s teams love to work and thrive in their positions. This creates a win-win for both us and those that work with us.

Intego Group has a 96% staff retention rate among all staff, year over year.

The Goal of the Event

The competition was evenly divided between 4 teams (4 employees + 4 students) and their goal was to complete 4 consecutive tasks on the common topic: RECIST criteria and common derivation practices in the analysis of oncology studies.

The competition took place for 5 hours and the goal of the event was a success.

More About these Events

Events and Competitions like the one described above are an ongoing effort for various teams within our organization and take place during off hours and solely on our internal budget.

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