Monday, November 27, 2023

10 Years of Empowered Minds: Shaping the Future of Biostatistics with Intego’s Training Program

In a world driven by data, understanding biostatistics is no longer just a niche skill, it’s a game-changer. Intego Group’s Biostatistics Certificate Program celebrates its 11th year of equipping aspiring minds with the tools and knowledge to become industry leaders.

Over the past decade, together with Karazin National University, we’ve guided almost 200 remarkable individuals, over 160 of whom proudly earned their SAS certification. This year, 26 talented students from Ukraine embarked on their biostatistics journey with us, each driven by a passion to impact the field of clinical research.

Our program goes beyond textbook theories; it’s a launchpad. We tailor our curriculum to the dynamic needs of the pharma and research industries, ensuring our graduates hit the ground running. Real-world projects, industry-expert instructors, and annual curriculum updates keep our students ahead of the curve.

We’re proud to see our alumni thriving. 129 former students have transitioned from internships to full-time positions within Intego, a testament to our commitment to bridging the gap between academic learning and impactful careers.

As we embark on our 11th year, our mission remains: to empower new talent, drive innovation, and shape the future of biostatistics, together. Ready to join the next generation of biostatistics changemakers? Explore our program and discover how Intego can empower your potential – Biostatistics Certificate Program.

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