Monday, September 19, 2022

Ukraine Seen as Untapped Potential for Clinical Data Management at SCDM 2022

On September 12th, Sergey Glushakov, CEO of Intego Group, delivered a presentation on the potential of Ukraine in Clinical Data Management at the SCDM 2022 annual conference in San Antonio.

With a strong medical education system in Ukraine, Sergey’s presentation focused on the potential the country has to become a key player in the field of Clinical Data Management, targeting international clinical research organizations and life science companies worldwide.

While the country as a whole has a shortage of specialized clinical data management (CDMs) professionals, Intego Group provides an in-house training program that has deepened the pool of available candidates.

Having a strong medical education system and established IT outsourcing industry, Sergey shared how developing a pool of talented clinical data managers within Ukraine serving international clinical research organizations (CROs) and life science companies worldwide is a feasible goal.

Presentation at SCDM 2022:
The Untapped Potential of Clinical Data Management in Ukraine: A Novel Training Program Case Study
Sergey’s presentation was based on the article published in the JSCDM journal. You can view or download the article here – View/download article

The Journal of the Society for Clinical Data Management, (JSCDM) is the society’s open access, peer-reviewed publication. The mission of JSCDM is to promote and publish scholarly work with direct relevance to the practice of Informatics and Data Science in clinical research

The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) is a non-profit, international organization whose mission is to connect and inspire professionals who are managing global health data with global education, certification and advocacy.

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