Friday, November 22, 2019

4 Areas that are Impacted by Staff Retention in Outsourcing

Industry Best Retention Rates

Our 96% retention rate is something we are quite proud of.  As a staffing provider, people are obviously at the core of our services, but as an offshore staffing provider, we live in a service industry that is mostly seen as a commodity than having a thriving internal culture.  It’s not uncommon to see outsourcing companies experience a 40% turn over with staff, so in our industry it’s quite uncommon to see us only 4%.

Our focus on creating a thriving culture has resulted in strong standing relationships with our clients, staff and in the community where our development centers are located.

There are 4 areas that stand out from having industry best retention rates.  Here’s a quick look at what they are.

Project Timelines

This is clearly a top benefit when it comes to having high retention rates.  When turnover is high, projects face a slow period, and based on the circumstances, can halt production all together.  When a team member has left, it not only takes time to find the right replacement, it takes time to get them ramped up to speed.

Team Dynamic

Healthy and productive working relationships can take time.  Getting to know each other, how each person on the team works, is important to the flow of production.


Software engineering is in its own right, an art form.  How one engineer does things may be different than an other engineer.  To keep the backend development consistent, it’s better when the artist completes his task from start to finish.


This is someone in-line with the 2nd point of Team Dynamic.  From management to peers, trust comes from time and experience.  Knowing your team has your back and you know their ability to deliver is also critical to the flow of production.

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